July 25, 2009

I Like Bugs!

I really would prefer Everly to be the kind of girl that isn't scared of bugs, will play with a dump truck, likes sports etc...   She loves to hold the worms we find in our garden, and she has a few plants that she can lift up and find potato bugs under.  She LOVES tending to her potato bugs.  She will pick them up and show them to anyone who walks by.  She puts them back and will water the plants.  Unfortunately there have been a few casualties.  Apparently slugs are actually pretty delicate.  We have been working on "gentle", with some results.  The funny thing is we were at the Zoo and there was a big spider (in a glass box) and she REALLY didn't like it.   I couldn't really blame her... it has a huge harry tarantula! 

We also watch ants when we are out, but she does like to destroy ant homes.  Anyone seen "Ant Bully".  Everytime she kicks and ant hill I think of "the destroyer!"

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