August 24, 2009

Homeschool Preschool

Generally I do believe that unschooling works.  I love reading unschooling blogs and any info I can find.  I also feel that there is no need for preschool... however I have decided to do a very informal "preschool" with Pookie.  Now that September is just around the corner we can get back to having a more scheduled week.  

So here is my plan (mostly inspired by

Each week I will make a poster board with a letter, colour or shape and a theme.  This week I chose the letter A, the colour green and alligators.  I got some alligator books out of the library - both children's fiction and a couple of children's reference books.  I have printed some letter A colouring pages and I printed a picture with all sorts of green objects.  

So my plan is to point out the colour green whenever I can, dress her in green and give her some green things to eat.  I also thought we could do a green photoshoot a la "Chasing Cheerios".

We have read some of the alligator books, and my next thing is for us to go on a 'gator scavenger hunt to find all the ones we have in our house.  "Alligator Pie" will also be our song/ poem of choice for the week.

I have a few letter games we will do (if she is interested), and I will let her do the letter A on starfall.

Also each week I am hoping to come up with a gross motor skill, fine motor and montessori inspired activity.   I have a one-to-one correspondence activity for her this week.   I am also going to offer the scissors daily this week, and I got her a $2 golf club and ball to play with.

All of this is meant to be fun.  It gives us something to do and hopefully DD will enjoy her "school".   I am also hoping it will make it easier if we were to actually HS... but that is a whole other topic!

I am going to keep a notebook and try to fill it out each day and make note of what we did in each "subject" area.   Already I noticed a change in how I think when Pooks and I interact.  For example today she was eating some raisin and I would give her 1, 2 or 3 at a time and ask her how many their were.  She really enjoyed counting them and eating them up.  DH and I are also back to 'hugging for the count of 10'.  We especially love this one because we get an extra long hug out of her!!


Lindsay said...

I love reading your posts. They are always so inspiring and you always have such great ideas.
I think that Everly is really going to enjoy her "preschool" time with you.

ShanMei said...


What you're doing with Everly is amazing. I'm sure she's going to love all the activity and learning she's going to get out of having you as her mommy.

I love reading your blog.

Motherhood for the Weak said...

How are you finding gross motor activity inspiration? I'm kind of stumped on that one unless I take the babeola to a playground. I mean, we dance and march but the repertoire is limited. So if you have any resources, I'm all ears. The babeola is super tall, and being tall myself, I'm hoping lots of motor stuff will avoid all the clumsy falls I took as a kid.

Also, Everly is a cutie pie. :)


Mommy2O&E said...

We're going to start letter of the week too, I'd love to hear some of the activities you are doing for the letters- you are so creative!!