June 12, 2009

Walks & Hikes

We have started going on a walk (or two) around our neighbourhood everyday.   At first I told Everly that on this walk there would be no "ups".  The first time we went she asked a few times.  Now when we go she walks the whole way on her own and really gets into it.  She picks up leaves, grass, dandelions.  We talk about the cars going by, the types of plants we see  I try to go at her pace as much as possible.  We have always walked a lot but never a specific route and never with the intention that these ones do.  

The best part is when we get back one of her little friends is always outside digging in his garden, so Everly joins him and they have so much fun getting all muddy.

My husband and I have also been trying to take her on a "hike" each weekend.  She gets really excited to do this.  She gets to play by a river, try to climb trees, and be away from cars, people etc..  

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