June 22, 2009

New Job

I think I mentioned before that my aunt had to let me go as she decided not to continue with her business for now, while she adjusts to the death of her husband.  I had about a month off and then got a call from her that a friend of hers was looking for someone.

This friend is such a upbeat, positive, go-getter.  She hired me after talking on the phone and I have been working for her for the past month.  What is SO wonderful is that she works from home and has no room for a desk for me so I have to work from home too!   I am adjusting to it.  It is hard to be diligent and work when Everly is napping or any spare chance I get.  I am thinking that once my mom gets back from the cottage I will ask her to continue to watch Everly on Tuesday's so that I can have a day to work, every week or so.  I also like the idea of Everly staying close to my mom.  My mom has been basically her sole "babysitter" since she was a few months old, and they have a real bond. 

The only downside to this arrangement is blogging time is hugely down!!  I should be working right now actually but I figure a few minutes to blog isn't the end of the world.

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