June 15, 2009

Painting with water outside/ mud pies

All you need is a paintbrush, some water, and a sidewalk, rock, fence etc... I took Everly outside on Saturday morning armed with a couple of paintbrushes and a cup of water.  She loved this immediately.  Then our neighbour came out - she is 4.  The two of them had so much fun painting trees, lamp posts, and the sidewalk.  Another neighbour who is 7 showed up with her paintbrush and joined in the fun.  I honestly think this kept them busy for at least 1.5 hours if not 2!  Later in the afternoon they went at it again.

They also had fun digging in some dirt by a tree.  They made a huge muddy mess, and had a blast.  I will be sad when the dirt gets covered with grass.

I love how much we are getting outside now that it is finally warm.  I think we spent almost the entire day on Saturday outside. 

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