June 22, 2009

Nothing is more fun than water play

I love reading Chasing Cheerio's blog but sometimes I just have to accept that Everly isn't that interested in a lot of "activities".  She LOVES painting these days, and will sometimes do a puzzle with me but for the most part the most fun thing is playing with water. 

I try to offer her different ways and places to play with it.  Sometimes we will her baby bath that we never used up out front and she splashes in there and pours water everywhere.  This morning I had her out back on our deck (our backyard is only a deck), with a bowl and she watered the deck for a good hour.   She will play with it at the kitchen sink and pour and pour and pour, or she will play with it at her kitchen.  She also loves painting the sidewalk with water, as do the neighbourhood girls.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that it is OK to let her do what she loves, and that there is lots to learn from water play.  One of the great things about going out front is one of the other neighbour girls often comes out and will play with her and playing with other big kids tops water in terms of fun!

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