March 26, 2009

Unschooling Inspiration

I really enjoy reading about unschooling.  It seems to make so much sense to me.  For anyone that doesn't know about it basically it is a way of homeschooling children in which you let the child lead the way and learn in their own time.  If they have an interest you can help them explore it, but there are no traditional "lessons" - unless the child chooses it.  If I were to homeschool I would definitely be very influenced by unschooling, however like most things I would probably find my own way and use some more traditional methods.

Anyways... now that Pooks is getting older and is really learning things, I am doing my best to pick up on what she is interested in and read up on what she could possibly learn.  Currently she is obsessed with "both" or "bof" as she says.  She is always pointing out when two things match.  The other day our two cats were sitting together and she said "bof" or we were playing cars and she grabbed the two red ones and said "bof".  Since this concept is so interesting to her right now I am going to go out and get a memory/ matching game and see if she likes finding "bofs". :P  

I found an awesome link "Curriculum Standards for Preschoolers".  Obviously Pooks isn't a preschooler yet but I found the majority of things on that list were things I could incorporate into our everyday lives.  For example things like "big/ little" or "over/ under".  She already mostly understands those but after reading that link it inspired me to point those kinds of things out to her. I wrote out all the ones I thought were within her grasp now or in the near future and stuck them on my fridge to remind me to incorporate them into our play.

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