March 7, 2009

Play Space

I always love it when I get to see other families' play spaces, so I thought I would share one of ours.  We have one finished room in the basement.  1/3 of it is for our couch and TV and everything behind it is for Pookie.  We got the storage system from ikea.  It works really well for toys with lots of parts & for stuffed animals.  

I got the foam letters and numbers were given to us from my husbands cousin.  Since our walls are in such rough shape down there (notice the pealing wallpaper - not picked by us), I didn't hesitate to put them up.

I got the open shelf on craigslist for $20, it is $100 at ikea.  I just put that down there last week and Pookie has been enjoying having her puzzles on it.

Not seen in the shot is a closet.  Once we do a bit more decluttering, my husband is going to dry wall it, paint it and turn it into a secret hideaway for Pookie.  My cousins had one under their stairs and I was always loved playing in there so much.

We also have some toys upstairs in our living room/ dining room - her kitchen and some other odds and ends are up there.   

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