March 26, 2009

Goals & Pooks' hair

I just had to share this pic of Pookie's hair. Will it ever be long enough for pigtails?

I usually have some sort of goal I am working on with Pooks.  It started pretty much right after she was born and I was home alone all day and needed something to do.   So first I worked with her to give her opportunities to try reaching for objects and holding on to them.   Then we worked on her neck strength.  It wasn't like I was on a mission or anything, I just felt like I should give her lots of chances to practice doing the things that would make her stronger and better able to explore her environment.

Some of my current "goals" for Pooks - I am mostly writing it out to remind me :P
  •  Help her learn to sign the alphabet and to gain an awareness of the alphabet & words.  By no means do I sit down and drill her but I try to point out letters throughout the day, and we practice signing the letters together which she likes.  So far she can get up to F.  She also has started pointing out "E" when we see signs while driving.  
  • I always try to challenge her physically.  I guess that is the dance teacher in me.  She can balance on one leg with the other high in the air.  It is so cute to see.  Right now we are doing a lot of bunny hops.  They are hard for her but she likes trying.  We are also getting her a balance bike so that should be fun for her.
  • Colours.  She is slowly starting to get it.  I just need to keep on myself to label objects along with their colour.
  • Asking nicely.  I have been explaining to her that she can ask nice and it make me happy to do things for her.  Sometimes she will just start whining and fussing when she wants something.  It  seems in times of desperation she forgets about using words.  I very gently say to her "what would you like?  Can you ask nicely?"  Almost immediately her face lightens and she will let me know what she would like and say please.  It always seems like she is thinking "oh yeah, I just have to ask!".

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