March 2, 2009

Imaginative Play

Pookie's play these day's consist almost entirely of imaginative play.  She has two Corolle dolls and will take the two of them, make voices for them (no words though), make them dance around, push each other in the stroller.  She will even put puzzle pieces in their tiny hands and try to get them to do her puzzles.  When she plays with me or DH she always wants to play dolls, with her farm set or train set.  It is pretty amazing to watch,  especially when she gets really involved all by herself.  

I am trying my best to foster this and encourage her imagination as much as I can.  We have started to play "cats".  We walk around on all fours, meowing, cleaning our selves and rubbing heads.   She really enjoys this game.

Another one that seemed to click this morning is play "baby" where she pretends to be a little baby.  It was pretty cute she crawled into my arms and I rocked her like a baby and she did her impersonation of a little baby crying - which actually sounds like a screech.  

I always thought the baby phase would be my favourite but I am enjoying her toddlerhood much more!  It is so amazing watching her grow and learn everyday.

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Jessica said...

Grace is really into this imaginative play too! She LOVES her dolls :) Where did you find the African American baby doll?? I am looking for one and haven't found one that seems suitable.. I am also looking for a boy baby doll :)