January 8, 2010

My Amazing Girl

Everyday I am amazed with what Everly says and does. I wish I could share her accomplishments without coming across as bragging. I want to keep track of her milestones, so here are her most recent ones.

The other day she woke up and informed me that she wanted to "do learning... to learn ABC's mommy". I started to sing them and she got furious and said she wanted to do them by herself. She is getting pretty close to reciting them correctly at this point. I try to point out letters as much as possible and she likes to play starfall as well. It is great because she can fully navigate the site now on her own (well the ABC section).

She now understands what reading is... at least as much as she can. She knows what words are and that I am reading them while we read books. She will point and ask me what they say. She will also sometimes point to a "D" word and ask if it says "Daddy" and same with several other letters ie/ A-Amelia S-Siri obviously E-Everly. When we are out in public she will pointe out E's and say "E for Everly", and be quite happy to see random E's. I am in no rush to teach her to read but since she is interested I will point out words that come up frequently in a book and tell her what they say. Then when we turn the page I will ask her to find that word. She enjoys doing this.

She is also constantly asking "how many is this?". Then she will hold up her fingers and show me some random amount to see if that is how many. She sometimes will count objects up to 3, but when she tries to count objects she usually races ahead. She is starting to count up to 14, but will leave out one or two numbers. She can point to two objects versus, three, and vice versa. Same with one, and I think she is starting to recognize a grouping of 4. I mostly just read number books to her and count objects with her. Sometimes I will group things and get her to pick out a grouping of 2 etc.

I think what is the best about Everly right now is how much she is talking and what a little ham she is becoming. She has said a few times "I make people laugh". She enjoys finding new ways to make her friends and family laugh. She will suddenly cross her eyes on purpose, or make a silly face or say something funny. Sometimes she will just talk and talk and talk about things and she is always saying "remember that mommy"... and will recall things we have done in the past.

I am so interested to see how baby #2 is compared to Everly. I have taught some sisters who are quite similar in what they are good at and their personalities and some that couldn't be more different. The only thing I am PRAYING baby #2 will do differently is be a better sleeper!!! YIKES!!! Everly hasn't slept well in 5 months, since her 2 year molars starting coming through. At least we will be done with that by the time #2 arrives!

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Sarah said...

Hi Shan it's me sars...first of all congratulations!!! it has been way too long. i tried to email you but it got sent back so instead of you just seeing me following your blog i thought i should say hi! hugs, S xox