January 14, 2010

Home Birth

When I was pregnant with Everly I did a ton of research on pregnancy and child birth. After all my reading I knew that I wanted an all natural birth with no interventions unless absolutely necessary, and that I would prefer a home birth. Well I go the all natural birth but my husband was really against a home birth. At the time he said it was because we were in a small condo with paper thin walls.

Now we live in a town house with thick walls and lots of space comparatively. My husband is still really apprehensive about a home birth, but in my mind that is what I am having. We are going to go to a home birth seminar at the midwifery clinic, and hopefully that will get him on board.

So why do I want a home birth?

1./ I don't want any pain medicine or other interventions the hospital might have to offer.
2./Labour tends to be quicker. You are at home and comfortable.
3./ I will feel more in control. Last time I basically lost my mind when I got to the hospital and totally lost control on my pain management. Luckily I was only there for 3 hours before Everly was born.
4./ Less exposure to germs
5./ I won't have to endure a painful car ride while in labour, and won't have to wait around until I can pee to go home. Last time it took 3 hours after Everly was born before I could go because I couldn't pee. I was able to pee a little bit and that got me out but when I got home I had no problems.
6./ I can just relax after the birth in my own home.

Hopefully everything goes well and I am able to have a home birth. Everly's labour was really hard but other than the cord being around her neck (which is very common) everything went smoothly.


Lindsay said...

I really hope that Jeff opens up to the idea of a homebirth. I can totally see where you are coming from and I would have loved to have had a homebirth with Graysen had it not be illegal for a midwife to attend one here (I'm not sure that I am confident enough to try it by myself without a midwife).

KHodson said...

Good luck in your journey. I know it can be hard for the guys to get on board with home births. My husband and I found a compromise and we plan to use a midwife at a birthing center that allows for no interventions, etc. but also has a NICU onsite. A friend of mine did a home birth in water and it was wonderful - it only took her 6hrs. Looking forward to hearing what you all learn from the Midwives and if your husband agrees.