January 8, 2010

It's a Girl!!

Today we found out that we are having another baby girl!! I am over-the-moon. I really wanted a little sister for Everly, and always dreamed of having two girls. Everly has been very adamant that the baby is a girl, and has actually expressed that she does not want it to be a boy.

We had a run in with a boy she did not like at gymnastics, and when I told her the baby might be a boy she said "mommy... remember that boy gymnastics?" OMG! I couldn't believe she would make a connection like that and that playing with that boy would put her off. :P

I am so glad that this baby is due in May like Everly and that I have all the clothes this baby will need for quite some time. All I really want is a couple new infant toys (non-plastic), an ergo and a baby swing. Oh and a couple of matching outfits for Everly and the baby! :P

I am now 20 weeks along and feeling so much better!! I am SEEING our little girl move now which is fun, and I am finally feeling less nervous about the whole thing. I am still waiting to have a real pregnant belly but it is starting to take form. I think come February I will finally really look pregnant... which I love.

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