October 21, 2010

Back after almost a year

I can't believe it is nearing a year since I touched this blog. Life just got too hectic. To sum it up... we decided to move. Our house was on the market for a couple months which was so hard. Trying to keep it clean and look after Everly AND be pregnant. UGH! Finally it sold and we found a new home close by... but it needed a kitchen reno.

I had my beautiful baby girl Maisie at our old home on May 26th. It was all I could hope for. I almost didn't call the midwives in time because I was so comfortable in the tub. I gave birth and seconds after my mom and Everly were there in the room sharing that special time with me. I wish more women would consider the home birth option. I wish I had done it with Everly.

A few weeks later we had to move our of our home but our new house wasn't ready. So for all of July and most of August I lived with my SIL, my parents and up at my parents cottage. Poor Everly was having SO many meltdowns it was really tough. Luckily Maisie is a super easy going baby so that made it easier.

Mid-August we moved into our newly renovated home, and got settled. I love our new home! Everly started in the Casa program at a Montessori Preschool in September, 3 full days a week so that I can work from home and have time with Maisie. She seems to be enjoying it. She has made a lot of progress with knowing her letters and their sounds. It seems like she really enjoys the sandpaper letters. :)

Everly is still a TERRIBLE sleeper, which is what has lead me to come back to this blog. I need something to keep me accountable as I try to get both my girls sleeping soundly in a gentle way.

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