October 21, 2010

Sleep Logs

So I need something to keep me accountable as I try to regain some control over Everly's sleep. Ironically the last post I made in here was about my desperation. Clearly something has to change!

Everly is still waking up 3 times every night and sometimes four. She wants to nurse and nurse and nurse when she wakes up. When she is sleeping she is pushing me over and insisting on pressing her bum (barebum) right up on me. If I move too much it wakes her up and she is angry. Maisie sleeps on my other side and luckily she is really easy. Everly also wants to nurse A LOT in the morning.

I tried nightweaning her... but it was HORRIBLE!! She basically would lose her mind and I would have to take her down to the basement while she went crazy. After a week of that I was going to lose my mind from lack of sleep and stress so I gave up.

After reading a bit of the No-Cry Toddler book I have decided to put her little toddler bed next to mine, and encourage her to sleep in there so at least we don't wake each other up when we move. At night I am going to do the pull-off technique described in the book. I started this a while ago and it did seem to help. I also say "roll over" as a cue for her to finish.

I am moving her bedtime up as suggested to 7:30 and trying to keep the room darker.

For Maisie I am going to try to get her sleeping in the side-carred crib, and to not let her nurse to sleep. Only let her nurse until drowsy. She basically does this most of the time anyways. For naps I need to get her sleeping in her bed.

Night #1
Everly went to bed just before 8 but didn't fall asleep until after 8:30. We only read one quick book because she said she was tired. Her bath was pretty exciting so perhaps that wound her up a bit. Jeff brought her in to me and I briefy nursed her and she went into her little bed. I think she woke up and went back in one more time. At 1:30 she nursed and wouldn't go back in at all. Although I am against rewards I do think we might need to implement something in this situation.

She fell asleep for what I think should of been the night around 6:00 but woke up when I had to pass her off to Jeff. Then she was up from 8-9:30 crawling around and being cute. She fell asleep and I pushed her to the other side of the bed. She woke up 2-3 times to nurse. I need to keep better track! Once Everly is sleeping better I want to see if I can gently encourage Maisie to drop one feeding at night. She is on the chubby side so she can handle longer stretches.

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