May 19, 2009

Long Time - job loss & car accident

It has been a while...

I lost my day job.  I worked for my aunt, and her husband (my mom's brother) was killed this fall in a biking accident.  She decided to put her business on hold, which means I am out of a job.  I wish that I didn't have to find something else, because more than anything I want to be home with Everly.  I just don't think we can get by without that income.  I had thought about taking on more teaching hours at my current schools, but the schedule was already set by the time I got let go.  Honestly I felt like my whole world was crashing... and I guess I still do.  It seems like a lot of bad things are happening right now.  I am trying to stay positive.

A week after I got let go, I was waiting for someone to make a right hand turn.  I looked in my rear view mirror and saw the guy behind me coming to a stop.  I just chilled out for a second and BANG.  I got rear ended.  Some girl smashed into the guy behind me and he hit me.  What a pain!!  I got whiplash, which seems to be fine except my nose sometimes gets tingly.  I missed a day of work because of it, and now I have to deal with all the insurance stuff.  Not fun.  At first I felt really bad for the girl that hit us... but now I am more angry than anything.  Thank goodness Everly wasn't in the car.

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